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Book Review : The Da Vinci Code – Dan Brown

The Da Vinci Code – by Dan Brown Hello people, welcome to this space, I know it’s been so long but the corporate world does engage you mentally and physically. To be honest, I had nothing to write these days,   I could not think of a topic that could help people in some way or they could relate to it. But since these days, I’m getting back to my reading habit I spend my weekends in a world of fiction. And believe me, I have time traveled, also traveled to many places through books since it is nearly impossible to do it in real these days. So I thought of reviewing my latest read by The Da Vinci Code,   by Dan Brown, with no spoilers. Dan Brown is an American author, he started with the book The Digital Fortress (which is on my tbr list now). He was actually inspired by one of the Sidney Sheldon’s novel The Doomsday Conspiracy. After The Digital Fortress, Brown wrote Angels & Demons and Deception Point. Unfortunately, these books had little success at that time and were sold l
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What if I Fail?

Hey guys, I hope you all are doing fine this post is for everyone out there who are trying to become a better version of themselves. A little dose of motivation that we all need frequently is here for you.   The topic that I've chosen for today is a question "What if I fail?"  So like every human being, this question might strike your mind often, and Baamm!! You are sleep deprived.   Every little effort you put in something the first question that strike is “What if, this is not for me?", “Or what if I’m not meant for this?”, “ What if I fail? “ I’m   not here to overload you with ample of motivational thoughts they are already all over the internet. But what I want to convey is that all this is perfectly normal. Yes you can think about the outcomes and their possibilities. But the question may arise is it really that important? Should it affect your actions? Is it necessary that you think about it all the time? Do you want this question to take aw

The silent warriors.

Hey guys, I hope you all are doing well. It’s been really really long. I don’t know why I just stopped writing here, though I've been busy lately but that can’t be the excuse. So I’m overwhelmed that you came here despite of my not so good behavior! The topic I'm choosing here is The Silent Warrior.   They are the one who build a wall around them,  A wall that you can't see, but it's there. Stopping them to enjoy the moments that are worth living for.  They are fighting to destroy the wall but they are tired.  Tiredness that sleep can't fix.   They fight battle silently in their room with their minds. They are living among us, they are one of us.  Let's find them and break the wall together.  So these days, I do stumble upon people with broken heart, broken dreams and pretending to have a bad life also I do use social media that implies I come across with people pretending to live the best life. The point here is we have all ki

Why are we afraid of dreaming and trying??

Tara, a 7-year-old girl was little mischievous, yet polite. Her dreams were high but her personality was down to earth. She always wore a smile on her face but use to cry when she could not complete her homework. Pending work was always a burden. She didn’t love studying but her mother was a good teacher and a friend too. Most of the time when she thought she was playing with her mother actually she was learning something. Despite all this, Tara had a dream. She wanted something, and like other children, she never forced her parents to get anything. Either she tries to get it on her own or she just asks them once for it. But this time what she wanted was not a Barbie or a Barbie house. She wanted something which was almost next to impossible to get. She wanted the moon. Yes, she was crazy. She loved the moon and wanted to keep it with her under her pillow. Maybe her mother was not good with her sharing lessons. (Just kidding) Every evening she went to the terrace,

For all the students and their parents waiting for the exam results.

Hello readers, I know this time is difficult for some of you. The wait for the result is difficult to handle. The fear of failing or getting fewer marks than your friends is giving you stress. Anxiety is making home in your body. The wait is getting longer. Every day you think about the result and remain silent trying not to remember it. But thanks to the society who remind you about the result every day. And to your topper friend who keeps comparing the answers till now. Believe me, people I know that feeling. I’m just here to tell you that just believe in yourself and your hard work. Nothing can be changed now. But how you adapt your result could. Just imagine the worst condition it could take. You might fail? So? Your life will be wasted? You would have no motive to live? Of course not.  You are much much better than a paper with your name and some grades written on it. You’ll get an another chance to prove yourself. And another worst condition could be you score fewer mar

7 Things that are just too wrong for our happy life.

We all are living a life like a race. Not giving a second thought on our actions. And there are some common things which we are blindlessly doing and not realising that they may spoil our life in long run. All we need is someone to figure that out. So here I’m a 20-year-old girl trying to give advice on life. Maybe because a fresh mind is full of thoughts. So here is the list of 7 things that I think is wrong for our happy life.  1.    Not exploring- Everyone comes with a purpose and everyone has a power to change something but not everyone tries to find that purpose. And a man without a purpose is a man of no use. But nothing comes easy in life you have to search for it. Search what you love to do? What gives you peace?  And what could make you happy? Because doing something you love always gives a satisfaction in life.  2.     Not believing in our powers- Once you’ve found your purpose the next step that comes is believing in it. You are definitely lucky if you’
The social media chaos . We live in an era where Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat have more importance in our lives rather than actually connecting with people. Everyone wants to win in the game of likes. Where we feel its important to follow every single trend blindlessly. Whether it be the selfie trend, Snapchat dog filter,  #hashtag, or any kind of stupid dare. There might be people who don’t follow this trend on a regular basis but I really  doubt  if someone says they have not followed it ever. Not being a spoil sport I thought sometimes it’s okay to follow these trend. I just remember a day when I observed everyone I know is talking about Snapchat. So out of curiosity I downloaded it. Once snapchat was installed in my mobile it took a little time to get familiar with that app and that gave me a lot to think about my technical skills!! Yes I’m actually stupid. But once I was familiar with that app I started noticing that everyone was continuously posting about wha