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Why are we afraid of dreaming and trying??

Tara, a 7-year-old girl was little mischievous, yet polite. Her dreams were high but her personality was down to earth. She always wore a smile on her face but use to cry when she could not complete her homework. Pending work was always a burden. She didn’t love studying but her mother was a good teacher and a friend too. Most of the time when she thought she was playing with her mother actually she was learning something.

Despite all this, Tara had a dream. She wanted something, and like other children, she never forced her parents to get anything. Either she tries to get it on her own or she just asks them once for it.

But this time what she wanted was not a Barbie or a Barbie house. She wanted something which was almost next to impossible to get. She wanted the moon. Yes, she was crazy. She loved the moon and wanted to keep it with her under her pillow. Maybe her mother was not good with her sharing lessons. (Just kidding)

Every evening she went to the terrace, she gazed at the moon. And she found an immense beauty in it. She felt moon have a magic to cure any inevitable pain.

She realised even her hero, her dad’s height was too short to reach it. And she would need more than hundred stairs like the one which was hidden beside the storeroom door. She tried almost every possible thing a 7-year-old could do.
But one day she was playing with a ball and then she realised when she kneels down to pick up the ball from the floor the moon also come closer. Very short but it also kneels with her.

She called her mom and explained this to her. She requested her mother to jump up and hold the moon when it comes closer. Her mother gave a little laugh but seeing a spark in her daughter’s eyes she agreed. She tried hard and hard but every time they failed. Now Tara was getting pissed off from her mother why she no able to do a little task?? Maybe it’s a bad day Tara thought. “Mom we will try this later” she said to her mom.
That night she could not sleep. How could she? She had found that one little ray of hope to catch her favourite thing in the universe. The next morning was spent just waiting for the sun to seemingly set among the borders of sky paving a way to the rise of the moon. And when moon finally appeared she went to the terrace again. Her mom also went with her to fetch clothes. Again she forced her mother to help her in a mission to catch the moon.

Days passed she kept on trying this and some other methods. She failed every time but her hopes didn’t. Until one day, in her science class, the teacher told her actually how far the moon is.  

So this might seem a silly story to you all. But did you observed Tara's effort to get the moon?? That little girl tried her best, even her unconscious mind was aware of the fact that it's not possible to get the moon. Tara is every one of you. Maybe you dreamt some other thing. Something that was possible to get, or something impossible like the moon. But you tried your best. 

In this story, Tara was Tanya that is obviously me. And I just wanted to convey here how a little child tries and tries to achieve a nearly impossible thing.  And we grown up, even fear to dream something that is little difficult or is outside our comfort zone.

We stop trying just because some people think we can’t. Or because we could fail. Or maybe we are afraid of hard work we need to put in it. Whatever may be the reason, but we need to find that Tara back in our soul. Who is not afraid to dream. And who will try to convert that dream into reality.

Goodluck readers.

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  1. I really likeed the story very well written , it made me really focused on what will happen , continue my dear 😊😊


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