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7 Things that are just too wrong for our happy life.

We all are living a life like a race. Not giving a second thought on our actions. And there are some common things which we are blindlessly doing and not realising that they may spoil our life in long run. All we need is someone to figure that out. So here I’m a 20-year-old girl trying to give advice on life. Maybe because a fresh mind is full of thoughts. So here is the list of 7 things that I think is wrong for our happy life.

 1.   Not exploring- Everyone comes with a purpose and everyone has a power to change something but not everyone tries to find that purpose. And a man without a purpose is a man of no use. But nothing comes easy in life you have to search for it. Search what you love to do? What gives you peace?  And what could make you happy? Because doing something you love always gives a satisfaction in life. 

2.   Not believing in our powers- Once you’ve found your purpose the next step that comes is believing in it. You are definitely lucky if you’ve found a purpose of life but remember luck always favors the brave. Stand for what you love and there should be no backing out. No if’s no but. Believe in yourself and fulfil your purpose of life.

3.   Being too much dependent- Every soul is a free soul. And no one should be solely dependent for how you feel. Your happiness is ‘your’ happiness not anyone else. Give no one the power to make you sad neither limit your happiness around any particular thing or people. Be self dependent. 

4.   Over thinking- ‘Will I be able to do this work?’ ‘When I’ll get a promotion?’ ‘Am I capable of doing that?’ 'Does he likes me?' 'Will he text me?' and bla.. blaa..  Don’t you agree we stumble upon these thoughts very often? We think and think a lot and that makes us sad. The moment one stops over thinking from that moment he starts living.

5.   Not being selfish- There are some people in our life who are special to us and we are constantly thinking about their needs and emotions before giving a thought about our needs and our emotions. How could we love others when we can’t love our self enough? Of course, no one can fill from an empty cup. We are humans and we need some self-care. So don't take yourself for granted.

6.   Being always available- Now what is wrong if I’m 24/7 available for someone I like? Definitely, it’s not wrong but what if the other person does not value your time? Your time is precious don’t let anyone waste it. Let everyone know how important your time is for you.

7.   Not living your life on your own terms- everyone has an own way to live their life but usually, we are unable to because we always have this one thought in our mind “What they will think?” So note this you are not answerable to anyone. If you want to wear a short dress wear it. If you want to party to tonight just go for it. If you want to spend your weekend lazily in your paijama’s don’t give a second thought then. It’s your life don’t waste it.


Tanya Jain


  1. Totally agree... I do these mistakes..but will try to improve my self💞


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