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Life is difficult during teenage years but maybe this can help you.

Hey, people I’m glad you came here. I’m just another girl in her twenties who is willing to give some advices to the younger ones from her experiences and mistakes. Do I sound familiar to you? Maybe Like one of your aunt you hate the most? Or a teacher who always makes you sleepy by her boring lectures? Or like your favourite elder sister who tells you the best lesson of life and is your best friend? Well you can figure this out at the end.
So people life is quite enchanting in your teenage years. You are switching from Disney channel to Mtv channel. From those kid talk to adult talk. From Honey Singh’s song to Arjit Singh’s songs. The change is inevitable. And you might be enjoying these changes. But there is a lot of conundrum and a feeling of rebel. So here I share some advices with you.
·       When no one can understand you
     You are growing up and your parents are failing to understand this. You think it’s your age to go to the party but they feel your are too young. You think attending family function is boring but they feel you are being anti social. You think your mom doesn’t understand you and she is too old for your cool talks. And dad who used to be your hero now you are embarrassed of his some habits and his strict nature is something you cannot handle anymore. But just give a little thought why are they turning like this? Actually there are lot of changes in your behaviour that you are not able to observe but they can. Moreover they’ve been in your phase just like the quote says ‘been there did that’ they made the same mistakes you are about to make and learned from it they are just trying you to prevent you from every situation. You’ll regret about every single fight with them after few years when you’ll be away from them for your job or studies. Just spend every minute loving them and learning from them.

·       Break the cloud and realise life is not a movie.
Admit it no one of you is a princess and no prince will come in white horse propose you and you’ll marry that boy. The love is not as sweet as you see in movies. No one will spread roses on the floor for you. No hero will protect you. You have to fight on your own. You have to learn walking in thorns because that is what life will provide you with.

·       Do you really believe your first love will be the last?
Am I allowed to laugh hear? Because I just did. The first love is filled with lot of excitement and newness. But it’s merely like an experiment it will make you happy and will teach a lot of lessons. Believe me guys I have not seen a single couple who were once madly in love in those school days still together and happy with that same person. It happens but maybe like 1 in 100. You meet many people in life and take your best time to select the person you want to spend your life with.

·       Don’t let anyone dull your sparkle-
Someone left you for another girl? Or you think the handsome boy who plays guitar is better than you? Note it everyone s different and you are here to for a special purpose. Never let depression touch you. Have confidence in yourself you’ll find your purpose very soon. Never let insecurity or depression hit you.

·       It’s getting difficult to deal with exam problem?
Apart from all this you are loaded with the exam tension. Parents are constantly pinching you to study, the class teacher is not satisfied with you. That one friend in your apartment is scored more marks than you. First of all don’t let anyone compare you and note that marks dosen’t define how dumb or intelligent you are. Study well but don’t burden it. Keep it light.

·       Don’t follow others. 
     When you are about to make decision don’t look at others. Start following your heart and brain instead of others. Don’t opt for Maths science or bio just because your friends feel it’s better to.  Listen to your heart observe what interest you and choose that.

·       Find your peace.
By this I’m not advising you to go at Himalayas or any empty place. I mean find peace in an activity that is Develop a hobby.  Sports, dancing, reading, singing, learning an instrument or anything. Something that keep you refreshing every time. This is as much important as your studies maybe more. When everything will go wrong in your life it will help you to give you energy and peace. 


  1. just one word.. splendid keep it up

  2. Tanya this article is so relevant. Beautifully summed up all your experiences along with some brutal truths.

    1. Thank you so much. I'm glad you liked it :)

  3. So true, i m gonna say, this is something that every youth should read and know that towards which trap they are getting attracted... Keep doing this..appreciated

    1. Thanks for such kind words. Please keep checking this space often for more post :)

  4. really enjoyed reading this, keep going..


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