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7 Things that are just too wrong for our happy life.

We all are living a life like a race. Not giving a second thought on our actions. And there are some common things which we are blindlessly doing and not realising that they may spoil our life in long run. All we need is someone to figure that out. So here I’m a 20-year-old girl trying to give advice on life. Maybe because a fresh mind is full of thoughts. So here is the list of 7 things that I think is wrong for our happy life.
 1.Not exploring- Everyone comes with a purpose and everyone has a power to change something but not everyone tries to find that purpose. And a man without a purpose is a man of no use. But nothing comes easy in life you have to search for it. Search what you love to do? What gives you peace?  And what could make you happy? Because doing something you love always gives a satisfaction in life. 
2.Not believing in our powers- Once you’ve found your purpose the next step that comes is believing in it. You are definitely lucky if you’ve found a purpose of life but r…
The social media chaos.
We live in an era where Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat have more importance in our lives rather than actually connecting with people. Everyone wants to win in the game of likes. Where we feel its important to follow every single trend blindlessly. Whether it be the selfie trend, Snapchat dog filter,  #hashtag, or any kind of stupid dare. There might be people who don’t follow this trend on a regular basis but I really  doubt  if someone says they have not followed it ever.
Not being a spoil sport I thought sometimes it’s okay to follow these trend. I just remember a day when I observed everyone I know is talking about Snapchat. So out of curiosity I downloaded it. Once snapchat was installed in my mobile it took a little time to get familiar with that app and that gave me a lot to think about my technical skills!! Yes I’m actually stupid. But once I was familiar with that app I started noticing that everyone was continuously posting about what movie were they watc…

Life is difficult during teenage years but maybe this can help you.

Hey, people I’m glad you came here. I’m just another girl in her twenties who is willing to give some advices to the younger ones from her experiences and mistakes. Do I sound familiar to you? Maybe Like one of your aunt you hate the most? Or a teacher who always makes you sleepy by her boring lectures? Or like your favourite elder sister who tells you the best lesson of life and is your best friend? Well you can figure this out at the end.
So people life is quite enchanting in your teenage years. You are switching from Disney channel to Mtv channel. From those kid talk to adult talk. From Honey Singh’s song to Arjit Singh’s songs. The change is inevitable. And you might be enjoying these changes. But there is a lot of conundrum and a feeling of rebel. So here I share some advices with you. ·When no one can understand you You are growing up and your parents are failing to understand this. You think it’s your age to go to the party but they feel your are too young. You think attending fam…