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For all the students and their parents waiting for the exam results.

Hello readers,

I know this time is difficult for some of you. The wait for the result is difficult to handle. The fear of failing or getting fewer marks than your friends is giving you stress. Anxiety is making home in your body. The wait is getting longer. Every day you think about the result and remain silent trying not to remember it. But thanks to the society who remind you about the result every day. And to your topper friend who keeps comparing the answers till now. Believe me, people I know that feeling.
I’m just here to tell you that just believe in yourself and your hard work. Nothing can be changed now. But how you adapt your result could. Just imagine the worst condition it could take. You might fail? So? Your life will be wasted? You would have no motive to live? Of course not.  You are much much better than a paper with your name and some grades written on it. You’ll get an another chance to prove yourself. And another worst condition could be you score fewer marks than your friend? Ohh Is this the worst situation? Not at all dude. It’s always the hard work and destiny that decides who’ll be more successful at the end, not a mark sheet.
Now, how to control the anxiety?

  • ·        Stop comparing your answers- Its high time you stop doing that because so many days have already passed after your exams and your brain is not a computer to remember everything you wrote. Also you cant change what you wrote. It’ll just give you more and more stress.

  • ·        Stop setting a target- Setting a target now have no sense. Stop expecting so much with your result. Tell yourself that nothing will happen if I don’t touch my target. I did my best already.

  • ·        Talk to your parents- Mostly we are tensed about the reaction our parents will give us after we tell the our grades. So the best solution is talk to them. Tell them how much tensed you are. How much you need them at this point of time. They could comfort you in the best way. And if you are to scared to talk with them talk to a friend or borther/sister someone you feel can understand you in a best way.

  • ·        Spend some time alone- Talk to yourself. Tell yourself after every bad dyas there are good days waiting for you. Do something which gives you peace like reading a novel, listening to your favourite song. Anything which you love. Or go for a walk alone somewhere close to nature. Nature really have a super power to purify our soul.

And a short note for all parents reading this.
You might have no idea how a small word from you can affect your child. Its a tough time for them. And you have no idea what is going on in their mind. All they want is to make you proud but the more you start expecting with them more the feel under pressure. Talk with them tell them its not the end.
I remember how my parents comforted me during results. I was an average student from the start. Usually my percentage varied from 70% to 80% though they still do. And while my friends parents were not satisfied even with 80 or 90 my dad never missed a chance of telling how proud he was. Everytime we celebrated my result and some of my friends even after scoring 90 marks was sad because their parents were not satisfied. I remember when anxiety used to hit me all I could do was sit with my mom and cry. Ahh.. I still do that and all she would say is “Nothing could be changed now. So its better you focus on future.”

I have done nothing great in my life that I could tell my story here. But I’m a confident child who share everything with her parent. Is there anything else you want from your  child. Bright future, Good job everything will fall in line once he/she is confident and have trust in them. Don’t let depression hit your child. Good marks are necessary but not more than their health. Have faith in you child. Have faith in the nourishment you gave them They’ll do something good for sure.


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  2. Great blog post! I am currently waiting for my results and im anxious but you're right nothing can be done now but wait.

    If you have time please do check out my blog and let me know what you think


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